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The Property Guardians, LLC is a BBB Accredited Personal Service in Las Vegas, NV


The Property Guardians, LLC

Our Commitment

Our commitment is to be YOUR Premium House Watch Service Provider. We recognize each home is unique to their homeowner. We provide the greatest quality of Professional services. We offer several different service plans and can customize a service plan to fit your needs.

About Us

We've been multiple homeowners for over 20 years. Issues arose throughout the years when we were thousands of miles away. We were dependent on family or neighbors to deal with these issues. This often caused anxiety to our friends or family sometimes leaving us in a precarious position. We made investments in yearly maintenance plans, which are nothing but fancy appliance warranties, increasing each year in cost, based on the age of the appliances. As these plans are good to have for replacement, they do not safeguard you against unforeseen issues that may come up such as vandalism, weather related damages, water leakage, pest infestation,etc. We needed someone to bring in our mail, flush toilets, check for leaks, water the plants, change the thermostat, check pool levels and allow access for the exterminator. Basically every detail needed to keep our home safe and to avoid larger problems that could occur while we were away. We are here to give you the peace of mind that your home is being cared for while you are away.